What safety gear does California Skateboard use?

There a lot of great manufacturers of the helmet, knee, elbow pads, and wrist guards. At Skateboard School, safety is our top priority before anything else. We use the Bilt Charger Knee and Elbow Guards with a Bilt half helmet. The Bilt helmets, knee and elbow Guards are popularĀ for dirt bike racing.

Some skateboarders prefer to use bicycle-related safety gear and others prefer name brand skateboard manufactures. Ultimately the brand, quality, and cost of protective safety gear are up to you individually.

At Skateboard School, safety is at the core of our mission to make electric skateboarding safer, more responsible and educational. Since some electric skateboards can attain speeds in excess of 16 to 20 mph, we believe in using motorcycle quality safety gear to ensure superior safety for the skateboarder and pedestrians alike. Matter of fact, we use Bilt motorcycle gear for our gloves!

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