Skateboard School Projects

Skateboard School is excited to share with you our upcoming projects to promote, inform and support our electric skateboard revolution. Please note the following projects are a work in progress. More information coming soon!

Electric Skateboard Guide
A place to share, learn and explore all your electric skateboard buying guide, places to skateboard and more!

Electric Skateboard Services
A place to learn all your electric skateboards needs.

Electric Skateboard Training
Personal training to safely, responsibly and intelligently learn to use electric skateboards

Electric Skateboard Help
The place online to get help with your electric skateboards questions, answer, and solutions.

Electric Skateboard Support
A place to for professional, prompt and useful support for your electric skateboard needs.

Electric Skateboard Repair
A place for professional, reliable and affordable electric skateboard repair.

Electric Skateboard Registration
A place to register and protect your electric skateboard from loss and theft.

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